Drinking water filtration equipment

Rent water filtration device that supplies purified drinking water, saves money and works perfectly every day at work or at home.

Drink tasty, pure and safe water unlimited
for a fixed fee

Filters water using powerful three-step system
The water goes through sediment, carbon and ultra-filtration membrane filters that completely remove grime, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, taste and smell, but preserve all natural salts and minerals. The result is tasty and completely safe purified drinking water.
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Connects directly to water line — no bottles needed
The appliances filter water on-site and don't require the use of big water bottles. You can enjoy the increased convenience of not having to place water orders or take up your storage space with dusty and bulky jugs.
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Get infinite drinking water at a fixed price
Our premium devices have great operating capacity. They give out unlimited amounts of delicious sparkling, chilled, hot and ambient drinking water at a fixed monthly fee. You won't need to plan for the water consumption costs no more.
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Enjoy the safest drinking water
Use the device with industry leading water protection technologies to ensure the safety of your health.
device sterilization
Built-in ozone sterilization technology ThunderGuard™ gets activated each time you use the appliance to completely prevent the growth of microorganisms in the water.
Filtration using
purest air
The devices utilize internal pressure to move the water through filters without the use of external polluted air to maximize the purity level of your water.
water supply
The appliances feature autonomous control panel and a separate mixer tap which allows to get the water into your cup in the most hygienic way possible.
condition MONITOR
A message on the screen pops up when maintenance or filter replacement is required to make sure that your device does its job to the highest standards.

Fresh sparkling water
The devices give out freshly-made refreshing sparkling water along with chilled, hot and ambient water.
Floor or tabletop placement
Two versions available for placing on the floor or on your kitchen counter both at your workplace and at home.
Aluminum coating options
Made of eco-friendly tempered glass and anodized aluminum that comes in three colors — silver, black or gold.
Hot water safety function
Give out boiling hot water (95°C) but won't allow accidental scalding thanks to the safety function that activates hot water key on a double tap.
Energy saving modes
All devices can be programmed to activate only when you stand next to it and to automatically switch off at night to reduce energy consumption.
Prevents water leakage
Integrated WaterStop technology makes sure that no water gets leaked from the appliance to protect your flooring from damage.

Progressive cost savings
With COOL TOUCH the more water you drink the more money you save.
Note: All prices shown without VAT. COOL TOUCH monthly rent fee is defined individually depending on chosen equipment model, quantity and the length of contract.

Top-notch service included
Your equipment will be tailored to your needs and work perfectly day after day.
and settings
The devices will be delivered, connected to the water line and configured to fit your preferences.
Water to
coffee maker
The system that automatically fills your coffee machine with pure water can be attached for maximum convenience.
Your appliances will get cleaned regularly and water filters replaced as frequently as needed.
Any error message that comes up on your device's display will get fixed within the next business day.
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of free use
Leave your info below and we'll contact you shortly to help pick the right COOL TOUCH model for you.
More answers
What is the monthly rent fee for the devices?
The fixed monthly rent fee is defined individually depending on chosen device model, quantity and the length of contract. On average it is 2300 ₽ + VAT for a model that gives out chilled, hot and ambient water, and 3000 ₽ + VAT for a model that additionally gives out freshly-made sparkling water.
What are the technical specifications of the appliances?
Technical specs are as following:

Size: Floor model 1156 x 365 x 360 mm / Countertop model 635 x 340 x 360 mm
Weight: Floor model 39.6 kg / Countertop model 25.2 kg
Volume of glass holder: 100 pcs
Chilled water temperature: 2°C-8°C
Sparkling water temperature (only floor model): 2°C-8°C
Hot water temperature: 95°C
Monthly energy consumption: 45 KWH
Monthly energy consumption with saving mode on: 30 KWH
Power consumption: heater 500W, cooler 120W
Rated voltage: AC 220-240V, 50HZ
Electrical cord length: 2500 mm
What are the 60 days of free use terms?
After we help you choose suitable COOL TOUCH models and quantity, we will prepare the contract where we indicate that the first 60 days of the use are free of charge. The trial period is 30 days, half of the free use period, during which you are free to return the devices and cancel the contract without charge. Free cancelation of the contract is possible only for the total of three devices. If more than three devices have been acquired for the trial period, then individual rules will apply.

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